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    zzz Wordblind

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      There actually isnÂ’t a board (in the traditional sense) in the swish-looking Wordblind box. Instead, you build a board from the board squares, one after the other as you would in classic dominoes. There arenÂ’t any playing pieces either; itÂ’s recommended that you use something personal like your watch or something from your pocket/bag. ItÂ’s just one of the good ideas contained within this game.

      Conceptually, Wordblind is brilliantly simple. Utilising the fact that many words have several definitions, a player is rewarded by determining a word beginning with a given letter from one of those multiple meanings. Fluffing the tricky definitions isnÂ’t a total disaster, as there are four for each word. The harder the definition, the greater the reward: four moves won for the toughest, one for the common definition.

      So if you’re given the letter J, and are brainy enough to know the answer when read ‘to vibrate gratingly’ by the person on your right, you will be allowed to move along four board squares. If there aren’t four board squares in front of you, you get to draw squares from the pile and lay them out however you like. Mixing up the proceedings are various types of special board square that lead to open guessing, moving of other players’ pieces and accumulator rounds, among other deviations and distractions.

      The winner is the person to lay down and land on the final square. You don’t have to be limited to 54 squares per game; you can use fewer, or collect squares from the start of the Wordblind ‘snake’ to prolong a game to 75, 100 or however many squares you want. Wordblind is quick to learn, quick to play and its organic, play-anywhere theme means you can get stuck in while slobbed out on the lounge floor just as easily as you can while sitting around the table.

      Oh - ‘to vibrate gratingly’ is ‘jar’. So is ‘a jam storage pot’ but that’s only worth one square. And you’d have probably got it from ‘a physical jolt’ (two squares) anyway...

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