zzz Vamos

    zzz Vamos

    That's 'let's go' in Spanish

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      In keeping with the Rules of A Good Game, Vamos is learned in about two minutes. Players compete around a board, upon which are squares indicating what kind of question they will be asked. There are hundreds of questions with no wrong answers, and only one rule governing the Q&A exchange – your answer has to last for 30 seconds.

      The questions cover all bases. What was your funniest primary school moment? What is the worst movie you've ever seen, and why? Which song lyric truly says something about your life today, and why? You get the drift. Only by coming out with several half-minutes of entertaining banter can you circumnavigate the playing area, landing on opponent's bases' and collecting enough tokens to earn the right to tackle the Ultimate Challenge.

      Slight twist, here – the Ultimate Challenge has been decided, in a secret ballot of the competitors, each of them having scribbled down a suitable final problem before kick-off. Bear in mind that if you yourself suggested something unholy involving items on the mantelpiece as an Ultimate Challenge, then as the winner you could be required to carry out the very same fiendish task you originally intended for one of your fellow players.

      With conversation naturally lubricated by alcohol, Vamos automatically improves when the players themselves are similarly greased. Simple, always different and open to all – winning elements of this winning game.

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