zzz Ultra LED Krill Lamp

    zzz Ultra LED Krill Lamp

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      It sounds like something Scotty may have used deep in the engineering bowels of the USS Enterprise, but it isn't. The Ultra LED Krill Lamp is a tremendously useful and hardwearing light-generating stick from Traser, experts in the field of glow-in-the-darkedness.

      The colour choices refer to the body of the Krill Lamp. The body glows in much the same way as a chemical light stick (the sort army types twist in half to provide themselves with a few hours of light) but the soft glow of the Krill Lamp body comes not from chemicals but from a small but powerful battery-powered light source.

      On the top of each of the six different Krill colours is a powerful red LED, making the whole thing look a little like a tiny lighthouse. It does much the same job as its full-size look-alike, powerfully illuminating the darkness. Of course, we're not saying that a Krill Lamp will guide ships home, but you can do other useful tasks with it. Night fishing, camping, working in the dark, marking out area, fixing your car on the roadside (the old proverb 'there's nothing better than shoving a Krill in your glove box' is so, so true), nifty mood lighting. There is an endless list of uses, for which we do not have the room to print.

      A Krill Lamp feels well made and heavy in the hand, which is good for something that you might need in an emergency, and that may be left lying around for quite a time between user sessions. It's also waterproof, and the simple on/off dial means that you can easily operate your Krill Lamp with gloves on, or in harsh weather.

      Miles better than candles, and without the waxy drips and need for matches, an Ultra LED Krill Lamp may just be your best friend next time you need a hand with seeing in the dark.

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