zzz Tyco X-treme Cycle

    zzz Tyco X-treme Cycle

    Two-wheeled wonder

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      Radio controlled cars are easy to use. They have four wheels to balance on. Their two-wheeled counterparts donÂ’t always have it so good, but after five minutes revving the X-treme Cycle down the corridor and out the back of the building, convention had packed its bags and left. This is a cracking piece of kit.

      Starting it from between shins or against walls was proving tricky, until we discovered the best way of letting rip with the X-treme Cycle. Hold it a few inches above the ground, rev it up and then drop it – basically, a running start instead of a standing one. The real rear suspension and front shocks can easily handle the drop. Once up and away, the gyroscopic parts inside the bike keep it upright, even at half-throttle or during tight corners. And it’ll land on its wheels almost every time after taking on some death-defying jumps (well, three magazines and a cleverly-rigged ring binder).

      One great feature of the X-treme Cycle is its ability to right itself after falling over. If the tyres are touching the floor, and there's enough room, you can do a fast doughnut to get the bike going again.

      Essentially, this is an excellent plug-and-play radio controlled bike. It’s tough, makes the right noises and does stunts, if you push it in the right direction. And save for the longest grass, the thickest shagpile or the floor of a ball bearing factory, the X-treme Cycle works on all surfaces. Even on one wheel, ‘cos we can do wheelies, and everything...

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