zzz The Love Bag

    zzz The Love Bag

    All You Need Is (a bag of) Love!

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      Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, men certainly aren’t averse to the odd extravagant bauble - be it a sports car, designer watch or completely OTT P-Diddy-style trinket. But here at Firebox we recognise that love is a priceless gift that no £750,000 jewel encrusted platinum eternity ring can ever hope to replace.

      With this heartfelt sentiment in mind, we bring you the delightful Love Bag.

      The Love Bag This soft and spongy smiling vinyl bag is the perfect way to say I love you because thatÂ’s exactly what it does. Simply squeeze this tactile little fellow and out pop those three magical words. As well as I love you, The Love Bag also says, YouÂ’re gorgeous and whistles too!

      Let’s face it, uttering I love you to anyone other than yourself is never easy, so The Love Bag is an ideal weapon in your armoury of lurve. Simply place him/her – you decide - near the object of your affection, give him a squeeze and wait. If the recipient goes all misty-eyed then your mission is complete.

      The Love Bag If, on the other hand, it becomes screamingly obvious that your love is unrequited, simply laugh it off, give The Love Bag another squeeze to emit a whistle or a YouÂ’re gorgeous and proceed to the nearest darkened room where you can retrieve your ego from around your ankles and retain some semblance of dignity. The Love Bag is great fun and a perfect gift for loved ones, potential loved ones, or even ex-loved ones (romantic optimism reigns supreme here at Firebox) because we all just want to be loved, donÂ’t we?

      The Love BagWhatÂ’s more, The Love BagÂ’s smiley, squeezable, passionate demeanour is sure to put a grin on the grumpiest of faces. ItÂ’s true; all you need is (a bag of) love.

      Click here to listen to the Love Bag in action!

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