zzz The Great I Am

    zzz The Great I Am

    Sounds a bit like a Yoda soundbite...

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      Fans of 80s comedy The Young Ones will remember the four boys playing a word/party game in the very last episode, Summer Holiday. One of them – it was Rik – chose to be a famous celebrity and then the others had to ask him questions (which could only be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’) in order for them to work out who the spotty student activist had chosen to be. Needless to say, events quickly descended into random violence and Neil being verbally abused, but the game made for a pleasant diversion.

      Well, in slightly laboured and overlong review introduction fashion, The Great I Am is the opposite of that game. After a short opening gambit of writing on scraps of paper hidden by cupped hands and a pass-the-parcel style handover, you end up with a sticky label on your forehead with a thing or name written on it. Everyone else can see it except for you, and you then get to play detective and deduce who or what is scribbled on the Post-It note adhered to your brow.

      Typically, any game with well-oiled adults descends into smut. But this is a good thing. A hundred varied subject cards keep the game fresh (concluding that you are ‘a Swiss Franc’ after the person to your left was dealt the card with ‘A Currency’ on it is quite an achievement), and there’s a time-related points system that, during the testing period, was swiftly ignored once a certain member of Team Firebox took over 35 minutes to correctly guess that they were, in fact, Olympic javelin medallist Fatima Whitbread. At times, this can be very, very funny.

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