zzz The Far Corner

    zzz The Far Corner

    by Harry Pearson

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      It really is a funny old game.
      If you think about it, football can make you laugh as much as it makes you cry, penniless, angry or throw a half-empty packet of dry roasted at a smoke-stained projection telly screen. But no one's really tapped into the comedy aspect, save for Skinner and Baddiel's Fantasy Football glory years in the early 90s. Which is why Pearson's record of a season watching North East footy is so important.

      Quirky and amusing has been done before; this is different, a rare example of laugh-out-loud stories about football places and people. Visiting Blyth Spartans and Gateshead means his keen eye for funny detail is cast over the slightly odd anyway non-league scene, but his hilarious treatment of big games involving Sunderland and Newcastle is equally astute. Seems old Greavsie knew what he was on about...

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