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zzz Super TV Boy III

    zzz Super TV Boy III

    127 retro games for your regressing pleasure

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      We're very sad to report that the Super TV Boy III has now been been discontinued, so we cannot accept any new orders for this product... But the good news is that we have an even better alternative for you: the fantastic Mega Joy II is a new and improved retro gaming console! Click here for more info...

      This is a red and green-coloured joypad, in the PlayStation style, with a lead coming out of it. Just plug that lead into your TV, choose the correct channel and 127 classic (i.e. old, 8-bit, Atari-era) games will be at your disposal immediately.
      Forest Walk is a different-coloured Pitfall; Star Force is Space Invaders; Robot Strike is The Empire Strikes Back; River Crossing is Frogger, while Mad Kong is a near-perfect recreation of Donkey Kong. Hardcore game heads will rejoice at the sight of Activision classics like Keystone Kapers (here called Thief!) and Frostbite (renamed Rivercross).

      Chin stroking aside, you canÂ’t deny that getting all these retro games in one package represents a thoroughly entertaining dip into the bran tub of games history. Special mentions must go to The Dentist (Space Invader clone with you as a tube of toothpaste protecting teeth from junk food and sweets) and Space Ship, an epic of alien blasting and hostage rescue. And considering that two pipe-cleaner men play it out, Tennis is amazingly playable. But the playability thing applies to about 75 per cent of the games in Super TV Boy. The Gardener, Hamburger, RodeoÂ… the list is, well, about 100 games long.

      Even the presence of the worst golf game in the history of golf games canÂ’t dull the fact that youÂ’re getting over a ton of quality old-school videogames at 23.6p each. Graphically, this belongs in a museum. Playability wise, the Super TV Boy will remain unbeatable until they invent the game that plugs straight into the back of your eyeballs.

      Have a game of Space Invaders when your boss is in a meeting: http://spaceinvaders.retrogames.com/html/index.html

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