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    zzz Subbuteo

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      The venerable after school favourite received a last minute stay of execution as manufacturer Hasbro decided not to remove it from the shelves.

      A spokesperson told us that a steady year on year decline in sales was the reason for their original decision:

      "The increase in football's popularity over the last ten years has ironically meant a loss of sales as the market has become overcrowded with competing products - computer games, kits, footballs and videos."

      However, upon making the announcement the company found itself overwhelmed with calls and letters from fans past and present all making the same request - don't take away our childhood. Or words to that effect. Because at the end of the day none of the other football products that have flooded the market have achieved the same "national institution" status as Subbuteo at its height.

      So while we can no longer enjoy the great range of teams and accessories Hasbro used to churn out, the two basic sets - Manchester United and Premier League - will remain. Which is something to be thankful for. Subbuteo still holds up as a top-notch table game. And the miniature Mitre Delta balls that come with the set are fantastic.

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