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zzz Street Flyers

    zzz Street Flyers

    Go-go gadget shoes

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      ItÂ’s one of those products that everyone, usually during their younger days, has put some serious thought into either tracking down or inventing. How cool would it be to have shoes with retractable wheels in them like part man, part machine and part Heath Robinson contraption Inspector Gadget uses in his fight against cartoon crime. Making that pipe dream a reality is a pair of Street Flyers.

      The flip-down wheels lock firmly into place every time, so there’s no danger of the wheels popping back into the shoes while in transit. But they’re not so tough to shift that moving the mechanism in and out of the sole of your Street Flyer is finger-trappingly difficult – it’s actually very easy.

      Obviously, wearing Street Flyers is not like wearing a pair of slippers. TheyÂ’re quite weighty but that does actually help to heighten the sense of sturdiness and balance. Even a novice will find it quite easy to bomb about in Street Flyers, given their heaviness and the fact that youÂ’re closer to the ground than you would be with most other kinds of roller skates and boots.

      You can tell by looking that wearing the Street Flyers will not single the user out as a follower of high fashion. But, as the worldÂ’s first wheels-hidden-in-the-shoes skates, they do what they promise remarkably well.

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