zzz Shot Glass Chess Set Special Offer (Usually £99.95)

    zzz Shot Glass Chess Set Special Offer (Usually £99.95)

    The thinking man's drinking game...

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      It was a very good - if slightly messy - evening's work when the idea of the Shot Glass Chess Set popped into Firebox's spinning, thumping head. Perfectly combining two of the worldÂ’s oldest and greatest pastimes, shot glass chess is also a game that can be played by two people of vastly differing skill levels, thanks to an 'ability leveller' inherent in every match.

      Imagine forcing all 11 members of an opposing football team to wolf down a meat and potato pie every time they win a corner, or it being a requisite of promotion for the ladder-climber to immediately send chain emails of a dubious nature around the company with several board members included on the Cc list. A similar 'one step forward, two steps back' principle applies to those who think theyÂ’re winning a game of shot glass chess.

      The natural handicapping at work in every game means that the player who takes the most pieces drinks the most grog, and so – unless you're playing Marion out of Raiders Of The Lost Ark – that person will be under the influence quicker than their opponent. Thus, any kind of ability gap is swiftly bridged with a few games bolstered by a couple of bottles of something strong. That makes it the ideal game for fleecing cocky first-timers out of a few quid.

      After extensive research and development, we've discovered some very playable combinations of drink. We're very fond of red wine versus white wine and black Russians against white Russians, or for that authentic 60s feel, two garish alcopops. They turn everything a lovely shade of Technicolor. As for Absinthe versus Cuervo Gold tequila – that’s a combo best left to the grandmasters.

      RULES of Shot Glass Chess

      1. Select your favourite alcoholic beverage and pour it into your opponent's 16 glasses. The following quantities are our recommendations, discovered after extensive research and development:
      Pawn: 0.5 parts
      Bishop: 1 part
      Knight: 1 part
      Rook: 2 parts
      Queen: 3 parts
      King: 2 parts
      2. Begin the game of chess as normal. Whenever a player makes a capture he must drink the contents of that piece.
      3. Illegal moves are permissible as long as neither player notices.
      4. The losing player must drink his own king as the final ignominy of defeat.

      Please Note: The Shot Glass Chess Set is for responsible adults who know their limits.
      Do not drink alcohol if you are below the legal age limit in your area.

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