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zzz Radio Controlled Flying Saucer (deleted)

    zzz Radio Controlled Flying Saucer (deleted)

    The ultimate indoor toy

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      The truth may be out there, but the entertainment value of this particular extra-terrestrial device is found safely tucked up indoors. Try and use the flying saucer in the park and you'll be waving goodbye to it on your virgin flight. The best place to pilot this silver dream machine from is the comfort of your own home.

      Mind you, this is no feeble toy plane. Independently controlled micro motors and propellers propel the helium-filled silver balloon, which is over three feet in diameter. You have complete control over the craft's movements, so getting it to turn, spin, climb and dive only takes a few minutes of practice. The 3 propeller model has an extra motor specifically for up and down movement for the ultimate in stunt saucery - it's our fave of the pair.

      One squirt of helium will last for a good few flights. And as the range of the saucer is about 200 ft, venturing out into offices and other large indoor areas is not a problem.

      But frankly, not having to get off the sofa to lark around like this our idea of heaven.

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