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zzz Prediction Ball

    zzz Prediction Ball

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      This kind of question-and-answer ball has been around in America for ages. It’s easy to see why, and we can illustrate with a little game. Think of a potentially life-changing query, a more general conundrum or just a simple request. Go on, do it. Well done. If you had one of our balls in your hand – steady – then it would solve your problem.

      If you were wondering whoÂ’s best out of Spurs or Arsenal, or how many times Martin Scorsese has been nominated for an Oscar, the balls do not hold the keys to unlock such complex conundrums. But most other questions can be dealt with by their totally arbitrary yet uncannily truthful responses. A few Americanisms donÂ’t dull their future-seeing ways.

      The Sarcastic Ball is probably not the best one for painful Monday mornings when you need a nice cup of tea and a time machine to go back two days, but itÂ’s pretty funny nonetheless. The Financial Ball is there to guide you through the murky waters of all things monetary. Firebox cannot be held responsible for you blowing your wages on the outcome of the Financial BallÂ’s predictions.

      Simply shake the ball and something shaped like one of those funny dice from fantasy role playing games rights itself in a small pool of water, which you view through a plastic window on the ballÂ’s bottom. Oh, and itÂ’s Arsenal and five, by the way.

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