zzz ParotCard

    zzz ParotCard

    Sod flowers - say it with voices

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      Card Etiquette is a bit of a grey area. Generic or specific? Message or plain? Filthy or just a little bit rude? A visit to a card shop, if you're remotely bothered about getting a greeting that's even halfway decent, can be a nightmare. If only everyone liked the ones with a hole in the front for you to put your finger through which reveal a hilarious visual willy gag when the card is opened. Only us? Okay...

      A ParotCard not only solves any problems, it will actually score you brownie points for creativity. All you do is record a snippet of congratulations, or swiftly wish someone the best, by pressing a little button on the card and speaking into the bit that looks like a speaker. Then write a message if you want (there's plenty of blank space) and send the thing to the soon-to-be-impressed recipient.

      Playback quality is very good considering, and you can re-record your mini-monologue until it's perfect. The greatest achievement of a ParotCard is that it makes you look great for sending such a unique and personal tiding of gladness. It's second-best feature? You don't have to send pleasant messages, if you get the drift...

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