zzz NEXII and 256MB Compact Flash Card

    zzz NEXII and 256MB Compact Flash Card

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      NEXII is a revolutionary digital audio player. With its 100% solid - state design, NEXII is both compact and non-mechanical, so you can take it anywhere you go and still enjoy your favorite non - skip high fidelity stereo music. In the heart of NEXII is a powerful 32-bit processor offering infinite firmware upgradability supporting a multiple platform of music formats such as MP3 and MS Audio. NEXII also offers a series of memory configuration, from 32MB to a whopping 1 GB!! NEXTII is the only player that can use IBM's MicroDrive, making it the smallest MP3 player that can hold up to 1GB of memory, equivalent to over 250 songs at CD level of quality. This translates to stupendous hours of continuous music play at the palm of your hands.

      NEXII is more than just a digital music player. It is also a removable portable drive. Connect NEXII to your PC and it appears as an extra external drive. Any files, besides MP3, can just be dragged and dropped to and from NEXII and the PC. There are no proprietary software or any encryption used. So NEXII can be used for transferring files between computers. This has got to be the coolest little gadget any gizmo-maniac can place their hands on!!!

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