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      Various first-look descriptions of the Myachi declared it to be anything from 'an Action Man support pillow, for when he's got a bad neck' to 'a mouse's beanbag'. It is, despite a certain suitability to perform both roles, neither of these things. What it is is the world's first and original hand sack.

      Foot bags, or Hacky Sacks, had their day in the sun and still have a loyal band of followers, chipping and flipping the PVC globes off every joint and surface of their legs and feet. Myachi is all that, but for the hand. The basic starting position entails placing the hand sack over the back of your fingers (spread about half an inch apart). From there, you throw it up and catch it, again on the back of your hand. At that simple level, it's addictive. Move up to the next, by adding some hand movement – spins, twists, funny poses – and it gets much more involving.

      You won't believe the number of moves that have been invented for the Myachi - click here for the basics and here for the really complicated stuff.

      You've got to slightly admire the inventor of Myachi, who converted a motor home into the Myachi Mobile and took to the road for three years to preach the gospel of his nestling-on-the-knuckles invention. If you're a compulsive fiddler or a show off, then Myachi is right up your street.

      Confused? Then check out this tongue-firmly-in-cheek promotional video made by the Myachi man himself. (Realplayer required - click here if you don't already have it).

      Since the word 'Myachi' refers to this item and this item only, it was a cert that www.myachi.com would be an available web address for on-line promotion and explanation of the product. A good fist has been made of it, actually.

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