zzz Minicooler (Deleted - was not parent)

    zzz Minicooler (Deleted - was not parent)

    A fridge in miniature, for life's little treats

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      The miniature fridge will always be high on the list of male fantasy must-haves, along with a professional beach volleyball player (lady) and a shiny red sports car. Always at arms length or less, from which cans of drink with a thin sheen of water droplets are begging to be plucked. Well, wake up and smell the, erm, chrome door handle, people.

      There are plenty of places that benefit from a Minicooler and its chilled contents. Imagine being able to call on cooled beverages and chocolate in the office, avoiding the drawing of straws to see who pops downstairs to the shops. Similarly, the constant presence of perfect-temperature refreshments is a plus in the bedroom, next to your favourite chair in front of the telly, or at the end of a really long extension lead as you kick back in the garden. Or, if youÂ’re really rich, you can use it on your boat, helicopter or hovercraft. The silver finish goes with anything, really.

      Thanks to a provided cigarette lighter adapter, you can also use your Minicooler on road trips and picnics by plugging it into your dashboard.

      With enough space for the equivalent of 18 regular soft drinks cans, a Minicooler will keep you and your closest associates refreshed and satiated in places where once you were hot and thirsty.

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