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zzz Micro Skate Scooter

    zzz Micro Skate Scooter

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      You probably haven't been on a scooter since one was big enough to fit snugly under your armpits. And rightly so. Until we saw the Micro Skate Scooter we wouldn't have dreamed of going on one either.

      Now that we've all got our own for late-night office derbies and beating the crowd on the way to work, we wouldn't give them up for the world. From what we've seen (and heard, from Tokyo and the US) plenty of people are finding them the best way to get round town.

      It's robust yet incredibly light, and folds up to fit easily into a sports bag. You can adjust the height of the handlebar so it's just right, and the handle covers are comfy and grippy. The almost see-through wheels lend the look of the Scooter even more techno-chic class. You'll quickly learn that walking is for wimps.
      Not saying that it'll do your girlfriend's Persian any good, but the Scooter is equally suited to indoor travelling, and for frequent short-ish journeys of a can't-be-bothered length. Like long corridors or covered walkways that you trudge down ten times a day. You could banish the dreary lug down the drive/up the garden path/across the car park forever...

      The latest version, the Micro Pro, has a much-improved braking system and a set of movement sensitive red LED lights that flash when you ride. Plus, there's a trick bar cum foot rest above the back wheel. But the best things about this improved model are the suspension and the blue wheels. You won't be saved from a hearty jolt when you hop up curbs but the extra bit of give in the Micro Pro does make using it a significantly smoother scooter experience.

      Still thinking it's a posh skateboard? Shame on you. To gain The Knowledge of Micro Skate Scooters click here.

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