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zzz Mathmos Bubble (Special Price テつ」34.95)

    zzz Mathmos Bubble (Special Price テつ」34.95)

    A ball of light!

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      Part of the Mathmos Modern range of lights that donテや冲 look and/or act like traditional lava lamps (see also the Fluidium), the Bubble is a ball of silicone-based material that lights up when you give it a bit of a squeeze. Squeeze it again and its glow (soft in daylight, subtly impressive at night) will vanish.

      Some people have said that handling a Bubble thatテや冱 been on for a short while actually テや惑eels like fleshテや. Thatテや冱 not the worst analogy weテや况e come across, nor is it the best, but cupping a Bubble actually feels like (wait for it) holding a glowing illuminated ball of silicone テや strangely tactile and very nice indeed. But itテや冱 also like your bit of blanky when you were three or that irritating desk テやthingテや that always seems to be between your fingers, in that the actual act of supporting a Bubble in your hands is far more pleasing than it has any right to be. Itテや冱 supposed to be for gently illuminating oneテや冱 surroundings...

      The initial five minutes of crystal ball jokes and wizard impressions aside, the Mathmos Bubble is many things to many people; a unique source of light; a guaranteed talking point; a supreme fiddly thing; spot-on when nipping out for a smoke before bedtime or when the embers of a barbeque are fading; a not-harsh-at-all light for late-night moves...

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