zzz Manchester United Ruined My Life

    zzz Manchester United Ruined My Life

    by Colin Schindler

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      What's that? The sound of 30m people going 'me too'.
      Not an affectionate portrayal of the bloke at home watching telly in Munich in May 1999 who said, with two minutes to go in the Champions League Final, that he'd roller skate naked through the city centre if his beloved Bayern were to lose, this is instead a memoir of life as a Man City (and Lancashire CCC) fan in the face of the Red machine.

      You don't need to be a Blue to tap into Schindler's witty and truthful insights of what it is to choose, stick by, love and hate your team, because he paints a picture of supporting that rings true whoever you follow. The personal bits about families, religion and friends don't detract from the central theme; they make the tale a bit less anal. Lighter than the similar Fever Pitch, but on a par.

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