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zzz Mah Jongg

    zzz Mah Jongg

    It's All Gone A Bit Mah Jongg

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      Confucius say that mah jongg was once sole property of retired Americans and bored workers rummaging through PC for games. Now it experiencing renaissance around world as addictive, thinking man's gameplay catches on with new generation of players.

      Fortune cookie ramblings aside, the game of mah jongg has gone through a bit of resurgence in the past few years. Style mags have celebrated it's bringing together of young Hollywood playas while people without three friends to hand have made online match-ups a big deal. Still, the original playing method remains the best.

      It's a bit like Rummy in that you collect runs and combinations of tiles until you get to 'mah jongg'. And then, because it's a game combining all the best elements of this kind of thing (chance, ruthlessness, forward thinking and deviousness), you play again. A game with basic rules like this always makes for great entertainment. If your card school is getting a bit dull, this is an excellent alternative.

      The 15" attaché case contains tiles, dice, counting sticks and rulebook

      Surprisingly enough, is not rammed with the latest Hollywood gossip...

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