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zzz Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set

    zzz Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set

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      As Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg get too creaky for Indy IV, it's likely that there won't be another whip-cracking, adventure-serial action movie to follow on from the three magnificent ones in this box set. Last Crusade is no all-time great, but seeing Sean Connery as Indy's dad is enough to bring it very close to the level of Temple Of Doom and the utterly magnificent Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

      Two things spoil this otherwise perfect (and remastered) package. An episode of the potentially good but naff Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is included, and Raiders has been renamed Indiana Jones and the Raiders... to fit in with the TV show continuity. Silly, but it makes no difference to the quality. Best bit of the whole trilogy? Bad dates, the rope bridge, shooting the swordsman, father and son arguing... there are so many. Watch all three in a row on a sickie.

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