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zzz Gerber Sport Utility Pack

    zzz Gerber Sport Utility Pack

    Bywords - Rugged As Hell

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      Now this is a proper tool kit. With the exception of a massive lump hammer or something that spits out a pointy blue flame, this neatly packed briefcase contains everything youÂ’ll ever need to make, fix or heartily destroy anything your mind desires. And since thereÂ’s a hefty Mag-Lite included, the building up or tearing down can be done in the dark.

      Designed primarily to be left in the boot of a car and used only for emergencies (hence the feeble ‘first aid kit’ they include, which is really only a couple of plasters but there’s plenty of room for your own stuff), the quality of the components mean that this is too good to be locked away like that. Wherever any kind of manual task requires attention, this kit should attend.

      The saw cuts through logs with ease and the axe, despite its size, works wonders with a good swing powering it. The Multi Plier is one of the best tools of its kind we’ve seen but it’s the Fiskars spade that we really dig (ouch). It folds up to about the size of a rental video but takes a hearty battering from work boots and ground just like its non-foldy cousins. You can even lock the handle at 90° and use it like a pickaxe.

      It's almost enough to make you want to do the odd jobs...

      Inside the 600-denier polyester case comes:

      • a 14.5" Exchange-a-Blade Sport saw

      • Fiskars Folding Shovel

      • Mag-Lite 2-D torch

      • Gerber Back Axe

      • plasters and dressing

      • and a Gerber Multi Plier 600

        • That last item is very similar to the Gerber Multi Plier 400 except it has an extra blade and more screwdrivers.

      More detail and specification