zzz Geochron World Clock

    zzz Geochron World Clock

    More than just a clock

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      You might have guessed it already but the Geochron is much more than just a great looking clock. This elaborate time piece has graced the homes and offices of celebrities and dignitaries ranging from Bjork to General Norman Schwarzkopf.
      In addition to providing you with the time anywhere in the world at a glance the Geochron displays the global distribution of sunlight at any given moment. The 15 x 26-inch map revolves within its frame at precisely the same speed as the earth's rotation. The left edge of the illuminated pattern indicates the moment of sunrise and the right edge indicates the moment of sunset.
      The analogue dial system automatically charts the time in the world's 40 time zones on a 24-hour scale. It is backlit by two 15-watt fluorescent tubes which produce an illuminated pattern that slowly adjusts with the seasons (and daylight saving time).

      A moving calendar displays the date both right and left of the international date line and also day of the week and month. And if all that isn't enough then putting the Geochron on your wall will be a much better conversation piece than your current collection of Cindy Crawford posters.

      The Geochron is manufactured for the electrical specifications of the required country. Once the clock is plugged in and set it will keep accurate time without adjustment.

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