zzz Game Boy Advance Bundle

    zzz Game Boy Advance Bundle

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      The lowly Game Boy started life almost 12 years ago and much has changed in the world of videogames since then. We've watched the MegaDrive come and go and Sony take over the world; but Nintendo has stayed steady throughout shifting a whopping 110 million Game Boys worldwide. That's more than the ubiquitous PlayStation, folks.

      While it's gone through a couple of reincarnations, most notably a colour version, Game Boy has now borne out a machine which is truly a leap forward. Sporting a 32-bit processor like PlayStation, this new system has improved upon just about everything that made Game Boy great.

      Super Mario Advance
      Gone is the tricky-to-see screen, replaced with a much larger and vibrant color version, using the same technology in laptop PCs. They've also re-jigged the sound for clear digitised stereo performance, the game cartridge size and a whole host of cool add-ons are just around the corner to keep this little box of magic going strong for a long time to come.

      But the real big deal with the Game Boy Advance is the games - they are amazing. The sort of quality in just this first batch of new games has really never been seen before at this size, and it is only set to get better. Not only are they re-jigging classics such as Super Mario and F-Zero, but you can get stuff like a rather brilliant Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 rendition too. It's not just Pokémon, any more.

      Tony Hawkes Pro-Skater 2
      That's not all - you can play all your games from the Game Boy line, released for the previous incarnations. Throw in the ability to link up to 4 machines together to battle it out with your mates and all in all this is a well-conceived machine which is just the right mix of size, price, battery life and most of all fun. And it's ideal for playing on the toilet, too.

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