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zzz Fuji Mini Instax

    zzz Fuji Mini Instax

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      Click to enlarge Apart from giving the term 'flash photography' a new and very different meaning, instant cameras are a brilliant invention. Fuji have drawn on the Polaroid principle of fast, fun photography and taken it several bounds forward. There isn't an easier-to-use or better-looking camera of its kind than the Instax Mini 10.

      A world away from the often fiddly and functionless instants of the past, this is a stylish piece of kit and a doddle to use. Fuji is one of the finest camera makers in the world, after all. The whole point of an instant is being able to point-and-click immediately, that you don't have to bother fiddling with dials and meters. But the auto-flash and quick-focus ensure that spur-of-the-moment shots always come out spot-on.

      Of course, there are the obvious uses for one of these, like parties, events and all kinds of professional situations. But far cooler would be to have a team photo above the bar immediately after the match or embarrassing pictures of a big night out ready for distribution the next day.

      Wallet-friendly in every respect since the piccies are credit card size and work out at only 70p each, perhaps the best thing is that it looks like a proper camera, not a 70s relic.

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