zzz Frost On My Moustache

    zzz Frost On My Moustache

    by Tim Moore

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      In 1856, Lord Dufferin sailed his private yacht to Iceland and the Arctic Circle and back. Hardly one of the most noteworthy voyages in English maritime legend, but Tim Moore felt the need to recreate it a couple of years ago for no apparent reason other than to write about it. Good job he did, because the account of his voyage is nothing short of sensational. Sensationally funny, that is.

      Travel writing has tended toward Bill Bryson and, erm, Bill Bryson in recent years, but Frost... is a much healthier alternative to the American's gently amusing list of anecdotes. Icelanders may not approve of the mocking they come in for, but it's so funny that Anglo-penguin relations can go jump in the (frozen) sea. Consistently funny and a 'foreigners-are-weird' thread running through it? Ahh, bliss.

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