zzz Fly Catcher (deleted)

    zzz Fly Catcher (deleted)

    No flies on this - they get eaten instead

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      Without any kind of smelly, chemical-rich attractor, the Fly Catcher draws unsuspecting insects to a short, sharp doom. Depite its name, this potted predator can also catch mozzies, wasps and other winged pests. They land on the inner areas of the 'jaws' and head for the centre. Sensors detect the presence of bug life and the jaws snap shut, swatting the captured creature and despatching it to insect heaven.

      Doing its very best to look the part in impersonating the Venus Fly Trap, this nifty device does the job of that plant with a fraction of the care and attention needed to keep the living, breathing version living and breathing. Feeding and watering? A little of the supplied bait mixed with water a few times in the first fortnight of life, then weekly after that. Batteries too, but they last quite a long time. Pruning and replanting is simply not necessary.

      A bit of a laugh and also quite kitsch at the same time, the Fly Catcher is environmentally sound thanks to its non-toxic bait mixture. And the 'getting rid of flies' aspect is extremely useful.

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