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zzz Flick Trix

    zzz Flick Trix

    Finger bikin' good

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      With finger boarding going mental worldwide and extreme sports more popular than ever, this was bound to happen. But be thankful that it did. Flick Trix mini-BMX bikes are the last word in desk-bound dexterity. Pulling off a one-handed no-footer has never been so easy.

      It's like this. The highly detailed miniaturised machine is your key to fine and funky, finger-fired tricks. Each tiny bike is based on a real-life BMX from one of seven top manufacturers like Mongoose and DiamondBack. Using your forefinger on the handlebars and thumb on the saddle, you manipulate the finger bike into doing spins, flips and all kinds of nifty moves. A railgrind down your space bar is only a few minutes practice away.

      As befitting something as neatly put-together as this, the braking mechanism is very canny. You push down on the saddle to operate the back brakes and the gooseneck (the bit where the handlebars join the frame) to stop the front wheel. You don't need to be a concert pianist to perfect the moves either - it's very simple to get to grips with. And although you can change the wheels for a spare, you'll never ever get a puncture.

      Check out for the cheesily-named yet instructive Trix-tionary.

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