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zzz Dirtsurfer

    zzz Dirtsurfer

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      Despite the (large) trouser, (loud) music and (daft) language similarities, surfers, skaters and snowboarders all do a very different thing with surprisingly different equipment. But if you were to put all three tools of their various trades into Bertha, the big machine from kidsÂ’ telly that made anything with any raw materials, then a Dirtsurfer would emerge on the old girlÂ’s conveyor belt.

      Made from an aircraft-grade aluminium frame connecting two fat, BMX-style tyres, it looks like thighs the size of telegraph poles are necessary to pilot it – and even then, it’ll be more unwieldy than a skateboard. But controlling the Dirtsurfer is relatively easy. You have a go, you fall off, then you have a longer go and then eventually, you stay on.

      Staying on, weÂ’ve found, is absolutely brilliant. Hardened skaters will testify that a Dirtsurfer is faster than a board, scarily faster when going downhill on concrete or tarmac. And unlike a board, going off-road is not a problem. You can bomb over grassland because of the tyres. A clever braking system and lots of grip tape keep you from meeting the ground chin-first, and stop the Dirtsurfer from doing another 100 yards should you accidentally alight at the wrong stop.

      The sweeping turns and ultra-smooth glide of the Dirtsurfer won us over, as well as the all-terrain capability. ItÂ’s not one for urban crowd negotiation or indoor laziness like the Micro Skate Scooter. This is rougher, harder and, dare we say, a bit sexier. In the two-wheeler stakes, though, a Dirtsurfer is well up the ranks with best of them.

      You can see the Dirtsurfer in action here

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