zzz Creative Labs DAP Jukebox

    zzz Creative Labs DAP Jukebox

    Keep all your records on one music player

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      Time for a quick head sum. 100 hours of music. If we say that the average song is roughly four minutes long, that lets us squash 1500 songs into those 100 hours. That is an astonishing amount of music, but frankly, this is an astonishing music player.

      Don’t even think that this is ‘just’ an MP3 player. Even the best of those only hold about an hour or so of CD-quality tunes. The DAP Jukebox (DAP as in Digital Audio Player) has 6GB of hard drive, which can hold about 150 CDs worth of song with enough space left over for a hearty handful of Napster downloads. But the player isn’t limited to the MP3 format, as the firmware – like software, but better – can be upgraded, allowing future digital music formats to be stored. So when abbreviations like AAC, WAV or MPEG4 actually mean something to most of us, the DAP will be able to handle them.

      The provided software makes the transfer of tunes from CD to DAP via your PC a total breeze, but you can record straight from CD via a line-in connector if you want. There are also two outputs that allow the DAP to be hooked up to your speakers.

      The DAP Jukebox is already on show in the Design Museum as technological thing of beauty, and quite right, too, but everything ‘internal’ also smacks of class – the cataloguing method, menu navigation, the very user-friendly PlayCentre software. Naturally, the sound quality is very good indeed.

      To sum up, M’Lud, there is no better personal music player on the market than this. Future proof and able to store your entire record collection – it actually doesn’t get much better than that.

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