zzz Cool-iCam

    zzz Cool-iCam

    A tiny 3-in-1 digital camera

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      This excellent little bundle of cool plastic casing and clever circuits is a three-way combination image collection device. That is, it acts as a digital stills camera, as a digital video camera, and as a webcam. Not bad for something a shilling shy of fifty quid.

      Cool-iCamÂ’s capabilities are quite impressive. ItÂ’ll store up to 20 hi-res images (352 x 288 pixels) or 80 low-res snaps (176 x144). The quality is very good, considering this item comes in at just shy of 50 quid; plus, thereÂ’s a ten-second timer for team/group shots. You can also take video clips of up to 16 seconds, although it has to be said that the quality isn't amazing; we preferred improving the resolution in return for a shorter clip. ThereÂ’s a lot you can do in 12-and-a-half seconds...

      Yes, this is not a top of the range photographic device. But the quality of the pictures and clips is more than good enough for the creation of comedy email attachments and personal website extras, while the webcam functions are at least as good as those found in more expensive cameras. Plus it looks great in its iMac-esque opaque casing, and is really small. As an all-encompassing, entry-level digital camera, Cool-iCam is the business.

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