zzz Colibri SST 2000 Quantum Lighter

    zzz Colibri SST 2000 Quantum Lighter

    Ignites things nice

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      Not as heavy as it looks (the metal-finish plastic making up the body of the lighter plays a major part in the deception), the SST 2000 is nevertheless a hearty and robust item. Colibri's 'Flameless' technology isn't really fire without a flame, but the condensed jet of blue heat this produces is a world away from the wispy, yellow flame most other lighters spit out. Draughts, breezes and all but the heaviest downpour have no effect.

      The makers claim that the SST 2000 can ignite its target material from an inch away - the Post-it notes we stuck on the edge of a desk and sacrificed in the name of rigorous testing certainly proved that. Things that lighters are meant to burn, like cigarette ends and candlewicks, also caught fire immediately. It’s hardly surprising – this is a cracking all-purpose lighter for all your pyroma... sorry, all your lighting needs.

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