zzz Casio CMD-40F-7ZT Remote Controller Watch

    zzz Casio CMD-40F-7ZT Remote Controller Watch

    DoesnÂ’t disappear down the side of the sofa

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      There have been watches like this before. But this one is better. It comes programmed with a range of presets that allow it to control the tellies and VCRs made by the manufacturers in the list below (which covers the majority of the big names). But the trump card in the Remote Controller watch’s hand is its ability to ‘learn’ the functions of almost any infra-red remote control device.

      By holding the remote control against the watch’s signal emitter, you can add up to 16 custom functions for other home entertainment kit (made by the chosen manufacturers, remember) such as music systems. All the usual digital watch furniture - stopwatch, alarm and calculator – completes the package.

      The look of the Remote Controller was categorised by one tester as ‘a brilliant mix of retro and hi-tech’, which just about hits the nail on the head. Typically, Casio have made yet another piece of wrist wizardry that doesn’t make you look like an ultra-nerd when it’s clipped to your wrist.

      With one of these, at the very least, you are guaranteed the hilarious ‘first evening in a room of people who don’t know you’re wearing one’ episode where you randomly buzz the TV with channel and volume changes without your fellow watchers’ knowledge. Long term, you can operate stuff without the traditional, five-minute remote hunt. That is a big bonus.

      The Casio UK Timepiece Helpline is 020 8452 7253

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