zzz Casio BZX-20 PC-Unite Watch

    zzz Casio BZX-20 PC-Unite Watch

    PDA on your wrist

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      Not content with cameras, remote controls and MP3 wrist tech, Casio have created a watch with a PDA stuffed into it. Which makes a PIM Data Viewer in their language, with PIM standing for ‘Personal Information Management’. Acronyms aside, this is a watch that can store up to 340 appointments, 100 people’s detailed details, a lengthy To Do list and an 8,100-character text browser (although not all at once, as memory is shared between the functions).
      Of course, a typical PDA of the Palm or Handspring variety has greater memory capacity and can do more things than the PC-Unite, but they donÂ’t fit snugly under a shirt cuff when strapped to your wrist. Plus, you have to keep your PDA device about your person somehow, and remember not to forget it in the first place, if youÂ’ll pardon the expression. Get used to the PC-Unite as your watch of your choice and you should never miss a meeting again.

      The beauty of the PC-Unite is that it can communicate with your PC, thanks to the bundled infra-red adapter, and assorted Palm compatible devices. Even better is its ability to synchronize data with Microsoft Outlook so that existing personal info on the computer can be swiftly transferred into the watch. ThereÂ’s also a relatively simple-to-use bit of PIM software included in the package if Outlook isnÂ’t your thing.

      Wrist tech gadgets can suffer from too many tiny buttons, but there are only a few on the face of a PC-Unite, and they’re very easy to use. Reading the screen is easy too. With yet another fantastic gadget under their belt – or on their wrist, in this case - it appears that Casio can do no wrong with their terrific technological timepieces.

      To see the watch in action, download this video.
      Unless you've got them, you'll need Winzip and RealPlayer.

      The Casio UK Timepiece Helpline is 020 8452 7253

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