zzz Big Mouth Billy Bass

    zzz Big Mouth Billy Bass

    The fishy singing sensation

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      A harmless looking largemouth bass, mounted on a wooden plaque. A sight not uncommon to frequenters of country pubs, homes of taxidermy enthusiasts or working menÂ’s clubs. In fact, even if youÂ’ve never been in one of those places, you know what weÂ’re on about. But this is no ordinary country sport trophy. Big Mouth Billy Bass animatedly bursts into song when heÂ’s approached.
      It works mainly via a combination of a light-sensitive diode and a Synchro-Motion chip. When someone walks past ‘Bill’ a shadow is cast over the diode. That starts up the music, and then the Synchro-Motion chip, which detects the high and low notes in the music, starts the fish a-singing. You can also just turn it on, should you really want to hear the water creature’s renditions of ‘Take Me To The River’ and ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’.

      Trying to ascertain just why this remarkable product has taken the world by storm – royalty, ministers and all – remains a complete mystery. It does look bloody good when it’s singing, mind you. Destined to become one of the great novelty items, Big Mouth Billy Bass has undeniable appeal. Complete tat, but brilliant with it.

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