zzz Big Brother Uncut

    zzz Big Brother Uncut

    All the best bits on a video cassette tape

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      It was the biggest TV event of the summer. Productivity went down as people stayed up later than normal to watch Big Brother develop every night on Channel 4, and then again when those lucky enough to get away with it could watch the happenings in the house over the Internet at work. This tape has both the best bits and 40 minutes of action not seen on TV.

      And being honest, we were a little weary of it. The promise of glimpsing Nasty Nick as he divests himself of early-morning nuggets of bum fluff did not exactly fill us with joy. But it turns out that not only does the extra footage have a healthy quotient of schoolboy gross-out clips (bogey eating, spot squeezing, open air wees) but it also contains plenty of sweary moments, slaggings off and the full version of the snogging in the Jacuzzi.

      ItÂ’s great watching Nick playing everyone else off against each other, and in hindsight itÂ’s hard not to feel a tiny bit sorry for the silly sod. For the record, this video also contains farts (2), bums (4), bare-naked ladies and bare-naked men. So as well as having a permanent record of one of the most important social experiments/TV shows in British history, you get some good pause and rewind bits too.

      Released on October 16. Certificate 18.ItÂ’s 95 minutes long, of which half is all-new, not seen on TV stuff. Perverts who logged on to the BB website at 3am in the hope of catching someone brushing their teeth in the nude may have seen some of the new footage, but we doubt it. This is a PAL format tape - standard to the UK - so please make sure your video and TV can play it. That is all.

      Go to www.bigbrother.terra.com, click on News, then Archive and then sift through the record of everything for your favourite bits.

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