zzz Big Brother Game

    zzz Big Brother Game

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      Cast your mind back to the summer of 2000, an idyllic time when trains ran on time and people who lived on riverbanks could open their front doors without disappearing under a torrent of TV news crews and filthy brown water. Back then, the England cricket team were beating the West Indies and everyone in the country was watching a programme on Channel 4 by the name of Big Brother.
      Remember it? Of course you do. For 10 weeks, the nation was gripped by the antics of 11 wannabes lumped together in a house full of cameras that was built on a studio backlot in Bromley-by-Bow, London. This smartly-made board game gives you the chance to feel what is was like to be in the glare of the BB spotlight, only no-one will be filming you ‘on the throne’ and you don’t have to muck out any chickens.

      The object is to be the last man standing, after some dice throwing, moving of pieces, shameful inter-player gossip and – the best part – voting out of the game of your opponents. However, anyone kicked out still has a vote in subsequent ballots, and one of the discarded players is allowed back in for the final three-way confrontation. There are a few nice touches like this spread throughout the gameplay.

      A really authentic game based on Big Brother would have a soundbite containing CarolineÂ’s laugh, triggered by your playing piece landing on certain squares. Thank God it doesnÂ’t. But apart from that, and the absence of a Davina McCall snog at the victory moment, this is a good game and a pleasantly entertaining reminder of the phenomenon that was Big Brother.

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