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zzz Bare Facts Video Guide

    zzz Bare Facts Video Guide

    by Craig Hosoda

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      This is what Craig Hosoda does. He goes to a giant video rental store and gets out movies in which actresses get naked. He then takes the tapes home, fast-forwards through the films and makes a note of names from the credits. Because it's best to get the details right first. Then he rewinds to the beginning and skips to the nude scenes, carefully logging the details of every tiny glimpse of celeb flesh he sees. A book is fashioned from his findings.

      But what a book. A labour of love if there ever was one, this giant volume is utterly comprehensive and perfect for deciding whether or not it's worth staying up/taping some flick you've never heard of on the off-chance of seeing one of your dream women in the buff. Even made-for-TV 'safe' nudity is there along with the good stuff. Truly remarkable, and definitely one to hide conveniently near the video.

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