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      The barbeque. British summer staple and opportunity for men with their third can of the day to seriously cremate a pack of garage-bought sausages over some garage-bought charcoal. This pitiful situation is all too common, so itÂ’s with a shiny PVC apron around our neck, depicting a lingerie-clad female torso, that Firebox begins its crusade to inject a little class into garden-based cooking.

      First step on the road to glory is the foldaway stainless steel barbeque from design gurus Room. Of course, merely having a sleek barby in the corner of the back yard won’t turn you into the Naked Chef overnight (and we don’t recommend grilling burgers in the buff. Imagine the damage that spitting fat can do to your exposed briquettes – very nasty) but this is no mere eye candy.

      As well as grill and oven capability, when you fold over one half onto the other, this barbeque is a genuine mobile kitchen. Its truly portable nature means that itÂ’s perfect for shoving in the boot and taking to far flung locations for a spot of hot picnic action. Picture the scene. You, your chosen dining partner and two, freshly cooked bacon and egg sarnies (thereÂ’s a hotplate, remember) with ice-cold beers to wash them down. What could be better than that?

      Apart from calling items of food on a skewer a ‘kabob’, the US folks behind this site really know their charcoal cooking.

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