zzz Apples to Apples

    zzz Apples to Apples

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      This is how it works. You are dealt a hand of seven Red Apple Cards. So is everyone else, except the judge for that particular round opts out of the play for a hand (the position of judge rotates one position to the left at the end of each hand). A Red Apple Card has a thing written on it, and it could be anything from 'My First Kiss' to 'Pond Scum' via 'The 1950s'.

      The judge then turns over a Green Apple Card, and each player has to place, face down on the table, his/her most applicable Red Apple Card. A Green Apple Card has an adjective or an adverb on it, and it could be anything from 'Nerdy' to 'Creative' via 'Swift'. The judge then looks at all the cards and decides which player played the Red Apple Card that goes best with the Green Apple Card. And that's a round of Apples To Apples.

      The beauty of Apples To Apples is that there are no right and wrong answers because the judge decides the winner of each round. And depending on which players are colluding, who has drunk the most or who wants to jeopardise others' chances of winning, the judge's decision (as is the tradition in these things) is final. There'll never be a situation like the redundant returning question in a deck of well-used Trivial Pursuit cards.

      Badgering, gentle verbal abuse and table talk are a vital part of the game. As are bargaining skills, because convincing the judge that 'Duct Tape' is 'Boisterous' may require bargaining skills rivalling those of the UN Secretary General. With a few beers on the go, Apples To Apples is hilarious.

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