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zzz Addicted

    zzz Addicted

    by Tony Adams

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      Oh, and the big defender's left himself wide open.
      Player biographies are the reason that footy books languished at the bottom of the literary pile, being prodded and poked at by people who knew that the often ghost-written tales were all of a similar, dull as dishwater shoddiness. That situation has hardly been remedied, even now that the game is getting the great writing it deserves, but the memoir of Arsenal's Tony Alexander Adams is an exception.

      Of course, the on-the-field account of the Gunner's most successful skipper ever would make for a decent yarn. And it does. But it's Adams' private life that turns this from everyday to essential. His drinking problem, which put him in prison, made his children scared of him and caused him to wet the bed (even while away with England), is recounted with incredible honesty, and is equally compelling.

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