zzz Active PMR446 Two-Way Radios

    zzz Active PMR446 Two-Way Radios

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      Palm-sized, simple to use, multi-channelled and boxed with rechargable batteries. That's the wish list for a two-way radio, and Active can tick off all these functions on the spec list of their excellent PMR446 radios. With a range of 3km, and a choice of eight channels, its possible to open a line of dialogue in virtually all less-than-3km-away situations.

      There are hundreds of potential uses for these two-way radios. In many cases, their use will take the place of a mobile phone, which is a very good thing, because using the radios incurs no cost after the initial stumping-up. No call charges, line rentals, nothing. So before, where you texted mates at the bar, rang someone else in the crowd or called another room in the building to ask for more refreshments, using the radios is quite simply a better option. Plus, there's a little touch of the James Bonds about them.

      Of course, there are genuinely practical uses for the Active radios - occasions or jobs where frequent talk is essential, instant emergency communication - so it's easy and valid to justify their purchase before gradually phasing them in to improve your leisure.

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