zzz Acer 300 Digital Camera

    zzz Acer 300 Digital Camera

    Three-in-one little beauty

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      Digital photography has come a long way in a very short time, and a good indicator of its progress comes in the pleasing shape of the Acer 300 Digital Camera. Multi-functional, sleekly silver and sexily small, it'll do most things required of a mid-level digital camera, and a couple more besides.

      Acer 300 has three different modes. In Digital Camera mode digital images can be taken, viewed and downloaded to a PC (thanks to the supplied cables and software). The pictures are in JPEG format, the standard digital image type, so all images taken with this camera are likely to be compatible with most other software packages, including email. Up to 95 images can be stored on the camera at any one time.

      Credit card size!In PC Camera mode, the Acer 300 can be used as a still image camera, webcam or moving image camera. You can use it for video conferencing, snapping pictures for websites and email or as a maker of video clips. All you do is attach the USB cable to the camera, and with the simple software from the provided CD, you can take snaps or clips. The third mode, Video Camera, enables you to capture video clips using the PC.

      For its size and price, the Acer 300 is an excellent all-rounder, doing most of the things that the general PC user will need, as well as acting as a pocket digital camera in its own right, with flash, ten second timer and Macro mode for close-up photography. The ideal way to join the digital revolution.

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