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Exclusive Deals


Unicorn gifts possess a certain allure for friends and family members who adore these mythical beasts, and we invite you to let these unsuspecting recipients lose their collective minds over our majestic selection of unicorn presents. Know a unicorn lover that has everything, you can’t go wrong with our pantheon of irresistible unicorn gift ideas.

48 products
48 products
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The Black Box
Mystery Boxes
From £29.99From $39.89From €33.69
Enchanted Light-Up Unicorn Slippers
£34.99£27.99$46.49$37.19€39.29€31.3920% off
Magical Unicorn Onesie
£39.99£33.99$53.19$45.19€44.89€38.1915% off
Crying Unicorn Candle
£19.99£15.99$26.59$21.29€22.49€18.0020% off
Period Panties
£11.99£8.99$16.00$12.00€13.49€10.0925% off
Unicorn Charger
Unicorn Lip Balm
Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss
Chubby Light-Up Unicorn
£34.99£27.99$46.49$37.19€39.29€31.3920% off
Colour Changing Unicorn Mug
The Magicorn Hood
£29.99£22.49$39.89$29.89€33.69€25.2925% off
Elodie the Unicorn Mug
Heated Huggable Unicorn
Mighty Animal Speakers
Unicorn Tea Infuser
Elodie the Unicorn Planter
£16.99£13.59$22.59$18.09€19.09€15.2920% off
Unicorn Teapot
F*cking Awesome Colouring Book
Emoji Rings
Knit Your Own Unicorn Trophy
Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp
£49.99£39.99$66.49$53.19€56.09€44.8920% off
Make Your Own Unicorn
Unicorn Tiki Mug
£16.99£11.89$22.59$15.79€19.09€13.3930% off
Unicorn Snow Globe
Unicorn Pinata
Uni the Unicorn String Lights
£24.99£14.99$33.29$20.00€28.09€16.7940% off
Big Unicorn Float
£59.99£29.99$79.79$39.89€67.29€33.6950% off
Uni-Cat Knitting Kit