Stressed About Christmas? This Will Chill You Out

Saves you time on cooking AND calms you down? It's a Christmas miracle.

Published 12th Nov 2019

NEW IN This Week: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Reveal a gorilla or your own face or a stunning American landscape or the real reason you love Keanu Reeves...

Published 11th Nov 2019


Join us at Leeds University Union for our inaugural Flaming Mic Night! Featuring comedy, games, giveaways and more!

Published 8th Nov 2019

We Need YOUR Ideas! Introducing Our R&D Department

Invent a product and we'll make it real. Firebox X You, coming soon.

Published 6th Nov 2019

Quick-Fire Questions With Fin Taylor

Chocolate or cheese? Ultimate hangover cure? What keeps you up at night? And more!

Published 6th Nov 2019

Five (Easy!) Shimmering Cocktail Recipes

London Cocktail Club worked their magic on our Mythical Spirits - and now you can too!

Published 5th Nov 2019

Firebox Gifts Make You 62.9% Happier - With Proof!

It turns out you CAN buy happiness after all - and we've got the data to prove it.

Published 5th Nov 2019

Win An XXXXXL Mushion - Find Out How Here!

Why the long face? Bag yourself the world's biggest personalised cushion.

Published 5th Nov 2019

Wrapper's Delight: Your DIY Guide To CrapWrap

The ultimate how-to manual for making your presents look comically awful.

Published 5th Nov 2019

Gourmet Giftgasm: Our ALTERNATIVE Christmas Feast

Basically loads of crazy Christmas food porn. And a chance to eat it all yourself!

Published 5th Nov 2019

Comedy's Fin-est: When Firebox Met Fin Taylor

He's edgy. He's controversial. He's downright hilarious. We caught up with Fin Taylor on all things comedy and Christmas

Published 5th Nov 2019

Fire Power!

Would this even be a Firebox blog without a rambling article extolling the virtues of our favourite flaming element?

Published 4th Nov 2019