Introducing our NEWEST Mythical Tears spirit...

Ellie Weston – 31st Jan 2019

There’s a new Mythical Spirit on the block/in the glade, and goodness gracious is it magical. Pixie Tears Gin is a 50cl bottle of elderflower and cucumber flavoured gin - but its crisp portrait of flavours isn’t even the best bit.

![]( copy.jpg)

Hard to believe, we know.

The BEST bit of this glittery spirit is that… well, it’s glittery! So damn shimmery. As mesmerising as falling into a fairy fountain. As hypnotising as a love spell. Or something.

Question: Why is it so green? Well, obviously, the ocular secretions of pixies just happen to be a lush, verdant shade. They have a plant and sparkle based diet, so that explains the chlorophyllic hue. Unexpected upside time: the emerald glow keeps its vibrancy even when combined with copious amounts of mixer. Yup, it’ll turn your cocktails green and glittery. You’re welcome.

![]( copy.jpg)

Some say you need dozens of bottles and garnishes and fiddly tools to be a good mixologist, but a little fairy told us that all you need for a good drink is faith, trust, and a little bit of Pixie Tears.