8 Gifts To Help Them Smash Their New Years Goals

Ellie Weston – 13th Dec 2018

Black Like My Soul Travel Mug

Always on the go? Like your coffee stronger than Tyson Fury and darker than vantablack? Care about rising sea levels and global warming and pollution? Do we have the product for you!

This BPA free matte black travel cup is the perfect container for your morning caffeine fix. It has a screw top lid so you're not fiddling about with one of those precarious rubber ones when you want a sip on the train, and all of it is microwave and dishwasher safe apart from the sleeve.

Makes an extra funny ironic gift for someone who prefers lattes and frappes to a black americano, nobody needs to know that they’re a milky baby.

Sphynx Portable Razor

You’re en route to an important event and notice you’ve missed a spot. Happens to the best of us. Don’t let it ruin your day - seriously, it’s just a bit of hair, nobody’s going to fire you over it. But if you’re reeeally concerned by it, you’ll be glad you’ve got one of these in your bag when you spot that cluster of rogue fuzz on your knee.

This 3-in-1 shaver allows for irritationless shower-free touch ups. With water, a moisturising pre-shave bar and a razor all built in, you'll never be seen sporting an awkward missed patch again. Take THAT, new year’s resolution to make more of an effort with your appearance.

Fucking Strong Coffee Set

Post-Christmas early rises are brutal. There’s no shame in using caffeine as a crutch to ensure you get to work on time - or are at least halfway alive by the time you get in late.

Combine our Fcking Strong Coffee with your very own stylish little Fcking Strong Coffee enamel mug and you’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time, no matter how late your head finally hits the pillow. The perfect gift set for the ultimate sleepyhead caffeine fiend.

Unicorn Wireless Charger

Taking over the business world is near impossible without a well charged phone. And there is no better implement to ensure they stay as close to 100% as possible than this wireless unicorn charger.

Firstly, it looks like the unicorn emoji. Secondly, you just slap your phone down on it and it magically charges! No fiddly wires and lightning cables, and you can continue to listen to music on your headphones while the battery fills back up. Nice.

Just make sure whoever you get this for has a wireless charging compatible phone, or else all you’ll have bought them is a reason to splurge on the new iPhone.

Dodow Sleep Light

You can’t achieve your dreams if you’re knackered from being beaten ragged by your insomnia every night. We’re not saying this little guy will solve all your sleep-related problems, but it certainly makes it a hell of a lot easier to drop off at a reasonable time.

The Dodow Sleep Light re-teaches you how to drift off naturally with a unique metronome-light system. Users fall asleep 2.5 times faster on average and regain hundreds of extra hours of sleep per year. Is there any present better or more sought after than the gift of a good night’s sleep? We don’t think zzzz...

Avocado Stress Ball

A wise man once said that Christmas is the most stressful time of the year, but he had clearly never returned to work after some time off to find all systems go and a giant block of unread emails piling up in their inbox.

One squeeze of this satisfyingly squidgy stress avocado, and you’ll have forgotten the lot. What spilled coffee? What passive aggressive all staff email? What rat in the water cooler?! No issue can’t be solved by this little green legend.

Back to Realitea

Going back to work after the Christmas hols is always a bit of a rude awakening - especially if you’re trying to stay away from tempting treats like an extended break with the office biscuit tin.

Stave off your cravings for procrastination with this uplifting and detoxifying tea blend to make mornings a little bit easier. Featuring rooibos, nettle, rosehip, liquorice root, raspberry leaves, anise, cardamom, clove, calendula and safflower petals, this set of 20 pyramid tea bags really packs a punch! Your organs will thank you for it.

Cynical Stationery Notebook Trio

Even the biggest overachieving workaholics will admit that smashing your goals ain’t always sunshine and rainbows.

This trio of sassy, cynical notebooks will remind them to keep it real throughout their busy day - even if the idea of idly doodling their way through an important meeting makes them want to jump out of the window head first.


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