5 Reasons to give Socks as Christmas Presents

Michael Peters – 6th Nov 2018

Socks. Once the quintessential clichéd gift of yesteryear - now a legitimately solid (if slightly ironic) Christmas present.

Fair enough, as a child you wanted something you could actually play with (a sock puppet doesn’t count) - but as you get older you begin to appreciate what a genius present socks really are...

  • Pretty much everyone you know has feet
  • Everyone needs new socks but no one can be arsed to buy them
  • Inexpensive! Perfect for Secret Santa or stuffing in a stocking
  • They’re likely to be used and appreciated*
  • Easy to wrap (probably a good enough reason on its own)

*Just to clarify - “Christmas themed” socks do not count. No one’s wearing a garish Santa sock covered in novelty bells and pom-poms after December 31st.

No more does the feeling of a soft, small, sock-shaped package have to bring dread and disappointment! These are our top 5 sock gifts this Christmas.

Sock Yourself - Personalised Socks

Sock yourself - Personalised Socks

Personalised presents - always a winner. Just send us a high quality of photo of your face (or your mum's, your mate's, your dog's etc.) and we'll print it all over a pair of super soft socks.

Now's probably a good time to mention that we'll print your face on just about anything.

Be a Drag Queen Socks

Be a Drag Queen Socks

Christmas day can be such a drag (hohoho). Each pair of these shanté-worthy socks features a before and after shot, so you can go from everyday untucked to fabulous full drag - wig, contours n' all.

I Miss Drugs Socks

'I Miss Drugs' Socks

Go for style over substance with these 'Class A' socks. Featuring a lovely sentimental slogan stitched right into the fabric, so they can remember the good old days every time they put them on.

Swear Socks

Swear socks

The only time it's okay to give someone filthy underwear as a present. This foulmouthed footwear features cheeky swears juxtaposed with charming kitsch designs - oh and they're made from combed cotton so they're really bloody soft.

Soup Socks

Soup socks

Fresh, thick and warming. Perfect for cold winter nights. Each stylish pair comes in its own matching tin packaging to throw off your lucky recipient - "I can't believe it, have they really got me a can of fucking beans?"

Convinced? Treat someone to some fancy festive footwear - shop our full range of socks.