Don't let the muggles get ya down!

YER A WIZARD HARRY! Gifts for the wannabe witches and wizards in your life. Strictly no muggles allowed.

Published 12th Nov 2018

Alternative Christmas Pampering Gifts

Christmas season is a time for parties, a time for excess. But sooner or later everyone starts to look a bit saggy...

Published 8th Nov 2018

5 Reasons to give Socks as Christmas Presents

Once the quintessential clichéd gift of yesteryear - now a legitimately solid (if slightly ironic) Christmas present.

Published 6th Nov 2018

Food, glorious food

We know a thing or two about snacks. Whether you’re a pretentious foodie or easy-going muncher, we’ve got what you want.

Published 5th Nov 2018

Have you seen this anus?

Or tasted it? We're trying to track down the anonymous owner of the original Chocolate Edible Anus.

Published 1st Nov 2018

Our Top 8 Unicorn Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is centred around a number of fictional characters, we’re just chucking one more into the mix. The Unicorn!

Published 31st Oct 2018

Fucking. Strong. Coffee.

Caffeine-powered productivity makes the world go round. Here are five ways to get your fix.

Published 29th Oct 2018

Countdown to Christmas, with booze!

Ditch the disappointing chocolate advent calendars - booze your way to Christmas Day instead.

Published 26th Oct 2018

The Firebox Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas is all about the presents - not warm, joyful times with your family - the presents! Sounds a bit cynical but..

Published 25th Oct 2018

The Future is Spreadable

Your new favourite breakfast staple? Decadent snacks? Gourmet cocktail ingredients? Our Spreadables are all three.

Published 20th Oct 2018

7 Housewarming Gifts they won't throw away

The best thing about giving housewarming gifts? Seeing them proudly on display the next time you visit. But sometimes...

Published 15th Oct 2018

Halloween Party Essentials

Games, booze, sweets, costume, sorted. A distressing seance that scars you for life is fun, but optional.

Published 12th Oct 2018